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allesinderwelt: .. . . . this shower curtain my mom bought is so full of dolphins . . .
allesinderwelt: /stares
Gilberries: XDDDDDDD
Gilberries: *makes dolphin clicks at *
allesinderwelt: lol
allesinderwelt: let me show you
allesinderwelt: I just took a pic with my webcam
Gilberries: kaaay
Gilberries: .................
Gilberries: oh.  my.
allesinderwelt: . . . . what about it.
Gilberries: i'm trying so very hard not to laugh
allesinderwelt: . . . .
allesinderwelt: . . . I have a dolphin bath mat.
allesinderwelt: . . . . if that helps
Gilberries: thats so cute
allesinderwelt: You still laughed, lol.
Gilberries: it wasn't what i was imagining
allesinderwelt: oh?
allesinderwelt: XD
allesinderwelt: and what were you imagining. . .
Gilberries: i was thinking of those clear plastic shower curtains with little cartoony dolphins
allesinderwelt: I did say 'full' of dolphins
Gilberries: my aunt has one of those
allesinderwelt: ah. . .
Gilberries: and it was like a delighted laugh
Gilberries: a "oh thank god"
allesinderwelt:  . . . . just keep digging the hole.
allesinderwelt: XD
allesinderwelt: /kind of thinks it's too much
Gilberries: well maybe...
allesinderwelt: XD
Gilberries: *lives in a house where a shower curtain like that would have been burrned while her mother dances around the fire like a mad woman*
allesinderwelt: . . . . . . . at least they are mostly harmless.  The dolphins. . .
Gilberries: true
Gilberries: I think it would have looked awesome if your bathroom walls were turquoise
allesinderwelt: because right now. . . it's minty green.
allesinderwelt: and everything in there just looks like a nightmare.
Gilberries: *pets*
allesinderwelt: hnnngh those dolphins are going to startle me in the middle of the night for awhile. . .
Gilberries: what you need is something bold
Gilberries: in a small room
allesinderwelt: hmm. . .

And there you have it. 
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